Online Marketing

Communicating with your customers is what marketing is all about.

The evolution of internet technologies and social media has profoundly changed the character of this communication and made it more affordable and responsive.

Online marketing is using the power of the internet and social media to reach your target audience.

With a variety of tools and techniques, Old Dog can create an online marketing campaign that can build your brand (name recognition) and/or drive conversions (sales).

The 12 steps required for successful online marketing.

  1. Review your business objects and establish goals that can be measured
  2. Start with a modern, up-to-date website with responsive design
  3. Establish social media presence (on multiple platforms) where your customers and target customers are active
  4. Launch an SEO program, tracking the keyword search words used find your website and making changes to to the website that improve your page ranking
  5. Build a list of contacts (facebook friends, google+ contacts, email addresses of customers) - old school networking
  6. Plan events (sales or promotional activities) and create landing website pages for these events
  7. Activate your business social media presence by posting comments and participating in the discussions
  8. Launch online marketing campaign, such as Adwords
  9. Promote your online presence in all other forms of marketing you do such as print media advertisement, signage, business cards etc …
  10. Email marketing campaign, either through a newsletter to customers or mass distribution of a promotional email
  11. Review the analytics from your online activities, see what the target audience responded to (liked) and what they ignored (did not like)
  12. Return to step 1 and repeat.

Old Dog's online marketing services include:

  • Establish multi-platform online presence
  • Online advertising targeted ppc model
    (i.e. Adwords)
  • Social Networking Campaigns
  • Manage social media profiles

Old Dog knows how to use the power of these tools to focus your message and reach out to your audience (potential customers, clients or members) and engage them in a meaningful way.

Contact us today, let's get started.

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