Local Business Search

When people search the internet for your business, will they find you?

Most people, some say 90% of people, use internet search to look for local businesses. Think yellow pages 30 years ago.

If you are a small business with a retail storefront, chances are there is a Local + page with your name on it. Google has built up it's Map project database and combined it with public information sources such as yellow page listing. The next step is for the business to claim this page.

Old Dog can help you claim your local identity. This process involves registering as the owner/manager of the busienss, entering updated information such as hours of operation and description of business. Adding some photographs showing the business and your logo. You may find that some of your customers have already commented on or written a review about your business.

The effect of claiming your local identity will, mostly likely, substantially improve the ability of your customers to find your business through a local internet search.

Old Dog's local business search services include:

  • Capture Local + Business Page
  • Online advertising
  • Build social media communities
  • Engage local community
  • Manage social media profiles

Old Dog knows how to connect your organization to the online community so that when people are looking for your services / products, they are able to find you.

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